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Dr. Susan Guiney

Susan Guiney is co-owner of Peak Alkalinity - Metro NY. She is passionate about empowering people and organizations by freeing them from the blocks that keep them from achieving optimal health, wellness, and success. Susan holds a doctorate from Columbia University in Leadership and served as a Superintendent of Schools in NY's Westchester County. She is a leadership expert and serves as a Peak Performance coach and consultant.

Susan joined the Peak Alkalinity, LLC team based on her desire to inspire and motivate family, friends and the larger community to pursue the life of their dreams through better health and well being. A true advocate of physical and social emotional wellness, Susan spearheaded the implementation of a fully integrated health and physical fitness curriculum and social emotional learning plan for students in public schools. Named to the "Woman of Distinction Hall of Fame" by the NYS Senate, Susan also is a Rapid Transformational Therapy practitioner, a consulting certified hypnotherapist and an avid HIIT athlete. Like her team at Peak Alkalinity, Susan believes that routine physical activity, when coupled with proper hydration and pH balance, can reduce stress, increase energy, enable restorative sleep and generally improve well-being.

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